Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mural Animations at Seed Studio

Now I can finally share my last half year projects with you hooo! 
As seen in the last blog post, I did a mural painting at Seed Animation Studio and that project expanded further more beautifully and unexpectedly. They asked me to animate the mural painting with my voice over to make their Ident. Under the great creative circumstances over 14 weeks, I have learnt a lot from their art direction. Now the animation is fully decorated with mysterious flued sound and ready to be on air! 

The project details are online at Seed's website here

Back in Summer, Seed was taking thousands of photos of me painting on the wall and here they made a video time lapsed over 2.5 months. Thanks a lot for this great work, I really enjoyed looking at this upbeat super quick drawing! You can also see my hair growing and all clothes from my wardrobe...

The Magic Seeds Mural

Mural at Seed HQ

This is one of the things I was working on last year. The mural painting at Seed Animation Studio HQ in London Soho hooray! Have a look at my website (the Mural & 3D Crafts chapter) for more close up photos!
Days and days ago before the summer in 2011, I think I sent my CV to Seed as an animator as I liked their cute but edgy character based animations. Instead of a desk and a chair, they gave me a 3x6 metres wide blank wall to cover with my illustration and I thought yeaa sounds delicious. I spent whole 2 months sometimes painting till midnight because it was great fun indeed :)
The drawing is based on this poem about seeds, referring to the name of the studio.
The Magic Seeds
There was one old woman who sowed a corn seed,
And from it there sprouted a tall yellow weed.
She planted the seeds of the tall yellow flower,
And up sprang a blue one in less than an hour.
The seed of the blue one she sowed in a bed,
And up sprang a  tall tree with blossoms of red.
And high in the treetop there sang a white bird,
And his song was the sweetest that ever was heard.
The people they came from far and from near,
The song of the little white bird for to hear.
(by James Reeves)
ロンドンのソーホーにあるSeed Animation Studioというアニメーション事務所で描いた壁画。私のサイトの英語の方にもっと写真アップしました。日本語の方もあとで更新します。
イラストは、上記のMagic Seedsという詩を元にしています。もちろん事務所名とかけて。

The Bizarre Adventure Exhibition

Me and my friend who is an art director of the art and design collective "Vicious Sabrina" are having a small quirky exhibition on the corner of East End London. If you are around, please feel free to pop in :)

Date:               1st ~ 8th May ( 7th closed for a Bank Holiday)
Open:              11.00 ~ 18.00
Private View:  Thursday 3rd, 18.30 ~ 20.00
Venue:             Luna & Curious  / 24–26 Calvert Avenue, London, E2 7JP

The poster above is a part of our collaboration where I made the drawing and my friend did the design and layout work. The illustration is of an old tree decorated with the Vicious Sabrina's art works and looking like a man in a portrait. As you guess, inspired by the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo...

イーストロンドンの一角で、友人且つアート&デザインユニットVicious Sabrinaのディレクターでもあるセキ君と、小さな奇妙な展示をします。上のポスターは、私がイラストを描き、セキ君がデザイン・レイアウトをしてくれました。イラストは、Vicious Sabrinaの作品に着飾られた肖像画風の古木です。アルチンボルド作品も参考にしながら…

『The Bizarre Adventure』展
日時:5月1〜8日(7日休館)11:00 ~ 18:00
プライベートビュー:5月3日 18:30 ~ 20:00
場所:Luna & Curious  / 24–26 Calvert Avenue, London, E2 7JP

『The Bizarre Adventure』展は、アートブランド『Vicious Sabrina』 とアーティスト西村夕貴がロンドンで出会い生まれた、シュールな妄想のかたちです。
『Vicious Sabrina』 は、「架空の女性である " Vicious Sbarina " の存在を制作物と通して形成することを目的に、" グラフィック 映像 ウェブ プロダクト 空間 " あらゆる領域で作品を制作する、アート&デザインユニットです(V.S.ホームページより)」。西村夕貴は、フリーのイラストレーター兼アニメーターであり、これまでナンセンスな詩や文学を、独自の視点でビジュアル化することに取り組んできました。

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Catty Portrates

It seems that I'd better to keep confidential for a little bit more about the work I did for one animation studio last year, so I'm going to hide the last blog post until I can officially put it on the air. But thanks for leaving a comment :)

So I can show you something else but tiny for the tea break. These are the paper craft portraits of me, my dad and my mum that I made for my dad's birthday last year. My dad loves cats, so I turned my family into cats referring to individual personalities and body shapes. That's why me-cat looks chubby and slow, and by contrast my mummy-cat looks boney and nimble.

Hm, maybe I can open a small business of making people's Catty Portraits, or even in different animals depending on the person...? hehe

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Here is one of the work I did in 2011. Another CD cover for the American band UHFD (I did their first album jacket as well). It's their second album called "REALMS" based on the thought of afterlife in Eastern religions and mythologies...

This is a long corridor covered with the mandala pattern which is leading to the afterlife. I characterised a boatman of the Sanzu River (aka the River Styx in Greek mytholoy) and six Realms in Buddhism.When you get there, they guide you to the next world waiting behind the door at the bottom...


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My Showreel's done!

When you don't have anything to do for 1 minute and a half, please click on this link to watch my new showreel for 2007-2011 animation work!



Finally here is the announcement of our charity activity for Japan Earthquake Relief, named "SMILE JAPAN", which was established quietly and passionately by three Japanese London-based illustrators, Kazuko Morishita, Nanae Kawahara and me. Please visit our blog to see the details.

ようやくのお知らせですが…東北関東大震災からの復興を願って、ロンドン在住のイラストレーター河原奈苗森下和子と私の3人で、小さなチャリティーグループを立ち上げました。SMILE JAPANといいます。上の赤いまるっこいキャラはスマイルちゃんです。活動内容の詳細は専用ブログの方で是非ご覧になってください。

Even we poor little artists can raise money for those who suffered in Japan by selling our old art works, prints and cards we won't use anymore, and also some second-hand jumbles at the London's popular market stalls. Not only three of us but also other artists donated a great number of work to our stall, and the 1st trial at the Backyard Market in Brick Lane made an amazing success. Thanks a lot for all those people who helped us, visited us, bought our goods, donated coins and notes, and gave us warm cheering. We can only show you our appreciation enough by carrying on the activities. Please keep your eyes on our upcoming charity sales, come visit us anytime you can. Things are cheap on our stall anyway!


Below, our little flyer.