Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Finally here is the announcement of our charity activity for Japan Earthquake Relief, named "SMILE JAPAN", which was established quietly and passionately by three Japanese London-based illustrators, Kazuko Morishita, Nanae Kawahara and me. Please visit our blog to see the details.

ようやくのお知らせですが…東北関東大震災からの復興を願って、ロンドン在住のイラストレーター河原奈苗森下和子と私の3人で、小さなチャリティーグループを立ち上げました。SMILE JAPANといいます。上の赤いまるっこいキャラはスマイルちゃんです。活動内容の詳細は専用ブログの方で是非ご覧になってください。

Even we poor little artists can raise money for those who suffered in Japan by selling our old art works, prints and cards we won't use anymore, and also some second-hand jumbles at the London's popular market stalls. Not only three of us but also other artists donated a great number of work to our stall, and the 1st trial at the Backyard Market in Brick Lane made an amazing success. Thanks a lot for all those people who helped us, visited us, bought our goods, donated coins and notes, and gave us warm cheering. We can only show you our appreciation enough by carrying on the activities. Please keep your eyes on our upcoming charity sales, come visit us anytime you can. Things are cheap on our stall anyway!


Below, our little flyer.


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