Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My work will be in jotta's show "SPRUNG"

Tomorrow is the private view of jotta's one month term illustration show where my work is one of those 12 participants. Although the submission of mine is the one some people already saw in MA graduation show in Camberwell... It will be still great :)
Go to their website, the thematic poem of the show is beautifully nonsense!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

2D flowers for Barcelona

Cards for my friends in Barcelona. If a new comer tourist Paul can remember well, they should be delivered by door to door service, thanks! Ah I really want to visit Spain...

The first card is for my illustrator friend who is a book worm, and the second one is for my dancer friend whose life is always in chaos :) I miss them a lot.

today, still emailing out my work to magazines... even if there won't be any outcome, I believe it's worth doing...
and I've got a thousand of my business cards delivered today, even if there won't be any chance to hand out all of them, I believe it's worth having... I feel stupid to have ordered that much, but it'll be useful when I run out of toilet paper...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


The left half is the trashy vision which often comes up in my mind when I go to a tea shop. gross...

A little portrait of my friend Arina and her brother.

Ah... today started very well with lovely weather, and now it's 20% gray of photoshop colour...

Saturday, 20 March 2010


a sketch inspired by 'Elephant Gun' / Beirut

I remember, it was when me and my friend found nice wooden animal toys at a toy shop in Tokyo. We enjoyed placing animals on a shelf, then eventually ended up by locating a lovely chick whose bill was sticking to a horse's xxx... We felt sorry for the shop and children who were playing around the shop innocently, but forgot to replace them as they were... :P