Saturday, 20 March 2010


a sketch inspired by 'Elephant Gun' / Beirut

I remember, it was when me and my friend found nice wooden animal toys at a toy shop in Tokyo. We enjoyed placing animals on a shelf, then eventually ended up by locating a lovely chick whose bill was sticking to a horse's xxx... We felt sorry for the shop and children who were playing around the shop innocently, but forgot to replace them as they were... :P



  1. these are amazing yuki. i am so glad you have a blog now! i can keep up to date! i really like the elephant gun one. a crazy boat!

  2. Beirut yeyyy!! thanks, it's always nice to draw for music!
    nice to see you here Lizie, this must be the benefit to have blog :) I hope it's not gonna be '3days boy' (a person who loses interests on the 3rd day)...