Thursday, 25 March 2010

2D flowers for Barcelona

Cards for my friends in Barcelona. If a new comer tourist Paul can remember well, they should be delivered by door to door service, thanks! Ah I really want to visit Spain...

The first card is for my illustrator friend who is a book worm, and the second one is for my dancer friend whose life is always in chaos :) I miss them a lot.

today, still emailing out my work to magazines... even if there won't be any outcome, I believe it's worth doing...
and I've got a thousand of my business cards delivered today, even if there won't be any chance to hand out all of them, I believe it's worth having... I feel stupid to have ordered that much, but it'll be useful when I run out of toilet paper...


  1. Didn't know u had a blog already! Your business cards will run out sooner than you think!

  2. because we won't have enough toilet paper after eating kebab? :P nice to see you here!