Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mural Animations at Seed Studio

Now I can finally share my last half year projects with you hooo! 
As seen in the last blog post, I did a mural painting at Seed Animation Studio and that project expanded further more beautifully and unexpectedly. They asked me to animate the mural painting with my voice over to make their Ident. Under the great creative circumstances over 14 weeks, I have learnt a lot from their art direction. Now the animation is fully decorated with mysterious flued sound and ready to be on air! 

The project details are online at Seed's website here

Back in Summer, Seed was taking thousands of photos of me painting on the wall and here they made a video time lapsed over 2.5 months. Thanks a lot for this great work, I really enjoyed looking at this upbeat super quick drawing! You can also see my hair growing and all clothes from my wardrobe...

The Magic Seeds Mural


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    1. Sorry I hadn't checked my blog for ages and just noticed your amazing comment, thank you very much Jasim! I'm really glad you enjoyed my work and hope I delivered you well the beauty of that old good poem :)

  2. sugoi! love the animation. and love how the project grew from the seed of the mural. heh heh and your changing wardrobe in the making of. very fun.

    1. Thanks a lot Tanja, I'm so glad you enjoyed my work and cat walk from my closet! hehe :P It was a fun crossover from a poem to the wall, and the wall to the animation. Worth trying!