Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mural at Seed HQ

This is one of the things I was working on last year. The mural painting at Seed Animation Studio HQ in London Soho hooray! Have a look at my website (the Mural & 3D Crafts chapter) for more close up photos!
Days and days ago before the summer in 2011, I think I sent my CV to Seed as an animator as I liked their cute but edgy character based animations. Instead of a desk and a chair, they gave me a 3x6 metres wide blank wall to cover with my illustration and I thought yeaa sounds delicious. I spent whole 2 months sometimes painting till midnight because it was great fun indeed :)
The drawing is based on this poem about seeds, referring to the name of the studio.
The Magic Seeds
There was one old woman who sowed a corn seed,
And from it there sprouted a tall yellow weed.
She planted the seeds of the tall yellow flower,
And up sprang a blue one in less than an hour.
The seed of the blue one she sowed in a bed,
And up sprang a  tall tree with blossoms of red.
And high in the treetop there sang a white bird,
And his song was the sweetest that ever was heard.
The people they came from far and from near,
The song of the little white bird for to hear.
(by James Reeves)
ロンドンのソーホーにあるSeed Animation Studioというアニメーション事務所で描いた壁画。私のサイトの英語の方にもっと写真アップしました。日本語の方もあとで更新します。
イラストは、上記のMagic Seedsという詩を元にしています。もちろん事務所名とかけて。


  1. thanks for the post, enjoyed the close ups on your site too. it's a lovely project, so full of detail and imagination, I can see how you might have enjoyed it!

  2. Oh Thanks a lot for your lovely comment and taking a look at my site too! I might have enjoyed too much maybe and lost my weight :P This project expanded more afterwards and I animated these characters from the mural to make a short video for the Seed studio. Hope I can show you soon!