Wednesday, 18 August 2010

OTOUTO US Tour Poster!

Here is the poster for the Australian music band OTOUTO, and their Final North American Tour 2010. I love their twinkle surreal sounds with childlike spirit, so what I imagine from their music are such as a shiny piece of glass bottle, toy box, blue minerals, mysterious living things in a grassland, planets and the outer space... And here it is.

These are mineral forming typography saying OTOUTO, and each letter has the key word I came up with by listening their new songs. From the top left, it is "Chewing Gum with a Finger Turtle", "Human-like Plants", "Fatty Mineral Man", "Moon Harp", "Mad Scientist", and "Embroidery on Minerals".

I made 2 versions as above, and the white one is now uploaded on their myspace. Listen to their lovely songs and become a fan! Good luck for the tour :)

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