Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Where Angels Fear Contemporary

Now I belong to this online contemporary art gallery called "Where Angels Fear Contemporary". They are the newly established organization, and "committed to the promotion and selling of original affordable art by emerging artists" as it's said on their website. Please visit their website and have a look at my page, and of course, enjoy the other great artists there.

They also made each artist's youtube video which features their art works. Thanks a lot!!! Here is the link to mine.

OTOUTO US Tour Poster!

Here is the poster for the Australian music band OTOUTO, and their Final North American Tour 2010. I love their twinkle surreal sounds with childlike spirit, so what I imagine from their music are such as a shiny piece of glass bottle, toy box, blue minerals, mysterious living things in a grassland, planets and the outer space... And here it is.

These are mineral forming typography saying OTOUTO, and each letter has the key word I came up with by listening their new songs. From the top left, it is "Chewing Gum with a Finger Turtle", "Human-like Plants", "Fatty Mineral Man", "Moon Harp", "Mad Scientist", and "Embroidery on Minerals".

I made 2 versions as above, and the white one is now uploaded on their myspace. Listen to their lovely songs and become a fan! Good luck for the tour :)

Pen Pusher issue 16

Here is what I was doing since the last post. My illustrations are now published in the "Pen Pusher magazine Vol.16", where they gave me 6 pages to showcase my work. Pen Pusher magazine is the London based literary magazine where new born writers can raise their voice of pens, such as short fictions, poetries, columns and so on. They also have 1 artist featured in each issue, and this time, in the issue 16, that is me :)

Respecting to the concept of this magazine, I made a series of drawings inspired by one one poem, called "Eaka Neeka" by Walter De La Mare. I love this old nonsensical poem and tried to depict its insanity. The second illustration is the old couple, Mr.Neeka and Mrs.Lee, who possess the things either one doesn't have. For example, as it's written in the poem "Here is a door without a handle,", Mr.Neeka has a door without a handle, and Mrs.Lee has a handle without a door. This is why they are drawn like that.

The third illustration is the house they live. I thought, the house should be nonsense and unlivable because the residents themselves are incomprehensible.
These illustrations were actually short listed in the art competition featuring the Barbican Surreal House Exhibition. I'm one of those 10 runners up.

Pen Pusher is such a lovely magazine and I'm sure the lover of literature will enjoy its fresh collectives. You can find it in Foyles bookshop, Rough Trade CD shop in Brick Lane... and many other bookshops in London.